Review: Laura Macrì – Terra

MaYan Tivoli De Helling Utrecht 10-04-2016

The story starts almost three years ago when Laura Macrì releases her first single “Ancora una Volta”, the first track on her debut album “Terra”. This was the very first seed she planted and the video got over 30.000 views. Together with her touring with MaYaN she got a lot of new fans. Her voice is one like we didn’t hear before in the metal. There are quite some operatic singers around nowadays almost none of them have studied for so many years at high level universities and with renowned opera singers all over the world. A few months later she released the second track called “Viva la Vita”. A beautiful song about the happy times in life when all comes together, our valuable life and the splendid nature surrounding us.

After that “Sempre” was released and the seed kept growing. Now there’s finally “Terra”: a debut album about life stories, happiness and fairytales.

We kick off with the two singles followed by “Un Ultima Primavera”. A broken heart story, when you have the feeling there is no hope left and only darkness surrounds you. The next song is all about playing and emotions. “Sempre” gives you a little inside view of the opera world. You’ll need to work hard to make it to the next level.

“Zonti” guides you into a little fairytale world, the hunter walking in the forest and at the lake he meets a magical creature. Of course, he falls in love with the nymph but she leaves him behind with a broken heart.
Luckily, we go on with a happier song, “Momento”, a long search for inner truth. While the blindness in “La Tinta Del Mio Mondo” gives you a new view on the world of the blind. What we see doesn’t need to be reality while the blind has a different view and can experience the world with a different mindset.

“Dentro un Sogno” comes straight from the heart, it’s dealing about a friend who passed away way too young. Therefor it might be not so strange that the next song is all about the meaning of life, “After All”. The only English song on this debut album Terra.

For “Pioggia Su Di Noi” she took inspiration from a famous Italian poem about summer rain in a forest. The music is like magic, it would fit in “De Efteling” (A Dutch entertainment park) for sure.
It’s the magic you feel, when it suddenly starts to rain during a summer walk in the forest.

Macrì’s album ends with “Terra”, the title song, about her land. The land she, and many others, miss when moving out of Sicily. We all know the feeling when we leave the place where we are born. Enjoying the memories and a strong desire to go back.

But! It isn’t the last song, because there is an Alternative Version of “Viva La Vita” still waiting for you. A Song I like very much, why? Because it has so many strength, it has been made with so much love and it is reminding you the happy times when it rains *Looks outside*. The classical mix we have heard all album long is pushing it to the next level. It can be the bridge for many people who like pop or like classical but don’t know Laura just yet. This song should be picked up by radio stations or a big classical orchestra who knows how to bring this kind of music to the people. Guido, are you reading this!?

So, for now, you can listen to the teaser. Pick up your copy at the Indiegogo campaign for starting at 10 euros for a digital download and 20 euros for a hardcopy. And start listing to the cd this Monday!

Let’s bring this up campaign to the 100% before weekend ends!

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