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A quick look back at my first blog: I got a good grade, not the best but it was still a pass. I made one small mistake so I didn’t get the maximum grade possible, but what the hell, it happens.

So now, the second blog post still requires me to write about music and bullshit. This time not about fake news or thoughts but about the new Star Wars trailer! Wtf has that to do with music? Did you watch the trailer!? The soundtrack underneath the official trailer is beyond epic. It has everything in it. It starts with some amazing growing cello sounds and it rises up to one massive explosion of epicness. It even features a choir! The song doesn’t have the original theme in it, but it brings “new” strength to the battlefront.

Besides that, it blends amazingly with the sound-design from the porgs and explosions. John Williams knows how to bring soundtracks to life, not only in the movies itself but also in the trailers. When you hear the voice of Kylo Ren or hear Rey talk about her destiny, it blends seamlessly with the crescendo of the music.

We weren’t allowed to review a CD or show but this wasn’t a, oh wait I passed the 200-word mark again. This blog is just a conclusion of something epic that happened in the movie business today, even though a lot of people forget that there is music involved. So, may the force be with you and please don’t find one stupid mistake in this one. #showmetheplaceinallthis

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