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Arriving early for a show and waiting  backstage isn’t the worst thing that could happen to a photographer. It gives me time to rewrite my blog, because according to some people, the one I wanted to post wasn’t good enough. I have to assemble an amazing combination of two hundred words required for school.

So here, backstage, the musicians and artists find a sort of home, the place where they can stay before the show and after. It’s sort of a waiting room but one that is way nicer: it has good seats with lots of food and drinks. Some of the refreshments are ordered by the band through a computer program called Rider. Here, artists can choose from two amazing red (I guess, I am not a drinker) wines from Australia and some fruits. The fans can choose from a bunch of sugary sweets and chips. In the refrigerator, you find beer, beer, beer, water and some softdrinks.

Being at the venue on time is important for bands’ needs: not only so they can perform on time as scheduled, but also because they have to eat and drink everything that is waiting for them backstage. It’s a really hard job as you can imagine.

And there you go again! I passed the two hundred word-limit. Bye!

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