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Hello December! Welcome to the new blog for PXL class.

Yes, it is time for a new 250-word blog post to talk about nonsense and music industry related stuff. Last time, I wrote about a video we had to watch, but now we didn’t have an assignment. So, here is a random talk and what’s better than to start this month with some nice Christmas stuff. Who is into this holiday nonsense? I am not, that is for sure.

But lately, I’ve been listening to a lot of Christian music, not only Christian music about prayers to the God Lord almighty or Jesus Christ but also the period of time which is coming up in the next few weeks. And, not only is the weather changing from rainy to cold and snowy weather, but also my favorite blog radio, D-log radio, is with full force in the Christmas spirit. So, there is no way around this kind of music for me in the upcoming period. It is therefore better to embrace it for a while and accept it.

The famous Christmas songs have been played on the radio stations but luckily there are some rebels on the coast. They are releasing some new classics. For example, the artist named A Balladeer just released his new album called “December” with an amazing collection of new songs for this month of celebrations. But also, one of my favorite singer and songwriters of all time Lucy Spraggan released new music. She has just put her latest track called “Drink ‘Til We Go Home” online. It is a song, oh wait, we can’t review a song and with these last words I passed the 250 word-limit. So, Bye! And have a great Christmas.

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