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Yes, I made it to the second year of my study. Lucky for me, now I’m having the great two classes called English and French. Let’s say I’m not a fan of these two classes, but here I am finding myself in a compulsory position of writing a blog for the English one. It has to be a blog in which I post pieces of 200 words online. So why find a different outlet for it if I can better post it right here on my own website. This is just a short introduction so you all know why this strange blogpost is suddenly online.

We need to write about the industry, the music industry to be precise. It doesn’t need to be true, it doesn’t need to be real, so let me just make up a shitload of bullshit to reach the 200 word-count required and let’s see if the teacher will get mad or just think it is as funny as his really bad jokes he made last Friday (If he gets mad, I will tell you about it in next blog!).

Another statement before I start: names, dates, places, written below are all fake, made up and have nothing to do with the reality we are living in. And there. I went over the 200 words. I should have started earlier with the real content.

Let’s make a bold statement: the music industry is dead! Long live the king. In 2037 there is no more music. Nothing from the past, nothing in the now and especially nothing in the future. The world has changed, we are living on Mars where there is no sound possible. If we want to breathe, we need to avoid making sounds. Why? We need air to move sound. Jeff didn’t think of that when he sent humanity to that red planet. Now we are all living, walking around, or floating around in silence. And we need to text each other to talk to each other. No more music!

So, what will we be doing towards 2037? Do we need to stop making music or try to get the best last thing out of it? In the 21st century, we are trying to spend so much money on wars and we are not helping people. There is no more money for the poor kids in Africa and no more music classes in elementary school. Instead, we are sending the kids out in the world to listen to pop music with more bitches and ho’s language then any regular hip-hop act in the 90s.

*The teacher wrote: Thank you for the blog. It did contain one unforgivable error, though. So its 3/10 score, I should have wrote than instead of then. (sorry)*

Should we invest more in music? Keeping the classical way up, learning the flute and going to play in an orchestra? Or should we just kill it all and just ignore the outcome, because it will die anyway?

More bullshit is coming up in just two weeks. Have a great weekend!

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  1. lodewijk van gestel
    oktober 6, 2017 at 00:30 — Beantwoorden

    Ijwen blog trekt oep gen klote, shakira, fuck off.

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