Interview: Novelists bassist Nicolas Delestrade

Questions by Sharik “MCSharQ”
Answers by Nicolas Delestrade (Novelists)

Read the review of the new album here

Novelists - Souvenirs - Artwork

I heard the debut album a few days ago and it sounds amazingly strong for a first album.
Thank you!

Some questions about it and a short introduction may be needed for the dutch readers.
Simple question to start of with,
Who are the Novelists and how did you come up with this name?
We’re a progressive metalcore band from Paris, France, the band was born in March 2013. “The Novelist” was a song from our former band 4 years ago and we thought it was a great fit for the atmosphere and image we wanted to have around this new project.

Signing with Arising Empire must have been a great experience, How did you get picked up?
A bunch of labels were interested, we compared all the offers and had many conversations. In the end we felt that Arising Empire was the perfect fit and home for Novelists!

Listening to the album Souvenirs I’m thinking why did you choose this title?
In the album we found a predominant feeling of melancoly, someone in the band came with the idea of “Souvenirs”, it clicked with all of us and it became obvious that it was the perfect name for that album!

You guys did a big tour leading up to the album so a lot of (new) fans did hear the music for the first time I can imagine, how did that work out the last few weeks?
The tour has been great and we had the opportunity to find a new kind of audience, younger than our usual one. We’ve been receiving a lot of great feedback from that new audience so we’re really happy!

During that tour you played in Heerlen and Gorinchem, did u play in Holland before and what did you think of it? Worth coming back? (sadly I had to miss the Heerlen show).
They were our first shows in Holland! We loved them and definitely will come back very very soon, great crowd and beautiful country!

Is there a big difference in the crowd between the Netherlands/France/Germany?
The crowd in the Netherlands is really similar to the German one, very engaged and enthusiastic! It’s a bit different in France, people will go crazy if they are here to see you, but if they don’t know the band they might just leave before you play haha.

At this moment a lot of metal(core) bands are coming up and trying to get a place in the market, what are your dreams, where do you want to play and with which band you really want to tour with? (maybe a dutch metal band like For I Am King, The Royal or The Charm The Fury?)
Realistically our dreams for the coming years are being able to live from the band, touring as much as possible, and having good feedbacks on everything we release! We would love to tour with Periphery, Architects, Northlane or Monuments!

Seeing the video of Echoes I must admit I think its a great idea to set a metalcore band like Novelists in a setting like this, how did you came up with the idea to shoot it like this?
It was at first just an issue with the space available in the room, we then decided to do something very intimate, sitting down etc… we like that simple and honest setup! We like to experiment and do something fresh to keep things interesting for us and our fans.

Are there some specific upcoming/unknown bands in the scene you think are worth listening to we may not heard of yet.
You should definitely listen to “Maitre Gims”!

With 2016 only two months away, what are the plans for the upcoming year? Any Festivals insight to play? Or a big tour again?
Thank you for this interview and hopefully we see each other on the road soon!
We’ re planing a headline Euro tour to support our album, that will be happening around march 2016, then hopefully more tours will be booked after the release of our debut “Souvenirs”. We also confirmed a performance at one of the major German metal festivals, but we can talk about that yet.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this!


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