Review: Cellar Darling: This Is The Sound

In a small cellar hidden in the Swiss alps a new musical trio has been working on their debut album, in a few days Cellar Darling will release their first album “This Is The Sound”, which exactly fulfils the promises made by the title and defines a very own sound.

But who are these three Swiss musicians hiding in a dark cellar?! Overall they are no new comers! Anna Murphy (vocals, hurdy-gurdy), Merlin Sutter (drums) and Ivo Henzi (guitars, bass) have been a huge part of the music business for over 10 years with their former band Eluveitie. After being dismissed by their former band in the middle of a huge world tour Anna, Merlin and Ivo immediately started thinking about forming an own band, which was first only meant to be a side project comparable to Anna Murphy’s crowdfunded solo-album “Cellar Darling” project, on which the three already worked together and had the chance to tour with Anneke van Giersbergen back in 2014.

Now Anna, Merlin and Ivo release Cellar Darling’s sound, which is quite hard to describe. Each band member gives so much input to every single song that each one sounds like coming from a different world. Their sound always adepts to the topic of the song reaching from heavy guitar riffs while singing about the forces of nature in “Fire, Wind & Earth” to calmer violin and hurdy-gurdy vibes in “High Above These Crowns”. With “Hedonia” Cellar Darling even add a song with Swiss-German lyrics to the mixture. Besides these main vocal tunes from their home country Cellar Darling also add yodelling background lines to a few of their songs. The album is an emotional rollercoaster from dark and melancholic sounds in “Six Days” to extremely catchy tunes in “The Hermit”, you got everything covered with “This Is The Sound”!

In order to keep it short and not spoil every detail: every single song is a highlight on its own!
But this are only a glimpse of Cellar Darling’s sound, luckily the trio has already release a bunch of songs: you can check out their first EP “Challenge Me” which was release back in December 2016 as well as their first official single “Black Moon”.

After playing a few shows in Switzerland as Cellar Darling the trio also travelled to the Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia and Italy in order to play their yet unreleased songs live. Right now they are preparing everything for the release of their album and the upcoming summer festivals in Switzerland and Germany. Later this year they’ll tour Europe together with Delain and Serenity.

For fans of Eluveitie, who have been disappointed by the extreme line-up change in May 2016, and everyone, who is open for new music, this is the perfect chance to check out Anna, Merlin and Ivo in a totally different light. Their skills on vocals and various instruments is still as awesome as they were in Eluveitie, but now they can use the freedom of Cellar Darling to make their musical dreams come true, which results in touching, story-telling songs that create dreams for yourself!

You can pre-order the album online at Sounds Venlo or digital.

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