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SharQ Bite: Threshold – Legends of the Shire

Written by Sven

‘Sit down a while and let me tell you some “Legends Of The Shire”’… this could also have been the introduction to Thresholds upcoming bombastic 83 minute double album. After almost 30 years in the business Threshold reunited with some old friends and created a massive concept album.

The “Legends Of The Shire” begins with an acoustic intro “The Shire (Part 1)”, which pushes you into the first song Small Dark Lines – an extremely catchy song with a mix of heavy guitars, fitting keyboard-sythns and outstanding emotional vocals by Glynn Morgan, who’s voice reminded me of Gotthard’s Steve Lee .

The second song goes into a totally different direct and “The Man Who Saw Through Time” starts as a beautiful piano ballad and gets supported by synth- and ambience-sounds. As this point, you will definitely be pulled down into the story world of the Shires!
“Trust The Process” is dominated by heavy guitar riffs and in the first three songs Threshold show with what kind of musical diversity they want to enchant you on this album.

The lyrics of the album deal with the topic of a nation trying to find its place in the world, but it could also be the story of a single person. If you can take the time and concentration to follow Threshold on this 83-minute journey you’ll probably come to some conclusion about yourself.
Unfortunately, that’s all there is to say about “Legends Of The Shire”, although it is a massive double album there are no big surprises after the mentioned highlights in the first three songs. But the flow they created in these first songs fits to the story of this concept album and combined with Glynn Morgan’s outstanding voice carry the story and make you want to return to the album every now and then!

Pre-order Legends of the Shires now on Apple Music or get your copy at your local recordstore.

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