15 dec 2017

Blogs for PXL 6

And the saga continues. I’m not talking about Star Wars but about writing for English class. This time the assignment is about a video titled “Why Is Modern Pop Music So Terrible?,” a 20-minute rant about the new music styles and the bad influences they have on the music industry.

05 dec 2017

Blogs for PXL 5

Hello December! Welcome to the new blog for PXL class. Yes, it is time for a new 250-word blog post to talk about nonsense and music industry related stuff. Last time, I wrote about a video we had to watch, but now we didn’t have an assignment. So, here is

14 nov 2017

Blogs for PXL 4

“I believe in God, our father, I believe in Christ the son, I believe in the Holy Spirit. Our God is three in one”. Sorry, let’s get back to the subject at hand. We had to watch a short documentary about the Amen break repeatedly and now we have to

06 nov 2017

Blogs for PXL 3

Arriving early for a show and waiting  backstage isn’t the worst thing that could happen to a photographer. It gives me time to rewrite my blog, because according to some people, the one I wanted to post wasn’t good enough. I have to assemble an amazing combination of two hundred

12 okt 2017

Blogs for PXL 2

A quick look back at my first blog: I got a good grade, not the best but it was still a pass. I made one small mistake so I didn’t get the maximum grade possible, but what the hell, it happens. So now, the second blog post still requires me

27 sep 2017

Blogs for PXL

Yes, I made it to the second year of my study. Lucky for me, now I’m having the great two classes called English and French. Let’s say I’m not a fan of these two classes, but here I am finding myself in a compulsory position of writing a blog for

08 mei 2017

Promotie: Vuurdoop – PXL Hasselt

De lente staat in volle bloei en een warme zomerbries krult rondom ons: de geur van barbecue en lentebloesem, het geluid van zwoel, zomers vogelgezang en de smaak van de frisse pint. Het enige wat lijkt te ontbreken, is straffe livemuziek. Wel, hou dan zeker deze datum in het oog

26 apr 2017

Persbericht: Portland pakt uit met nieuwe single ‘Pouring Rain’

Met hun eigentijdse mix van dreampop en elektronica haalde Portland, bestaande uit Jente Pironet (zang, gitaar), Sarah Pepels (zang, keyboard) en Gill Princen (electronica), in 2016 een finaleplaats bij Humo’s Rock Rally.   Het afgelopen jaar bleven de live prestaties van Portland niet onopgemerkt, zo schreef onder andere Humo :