26 mrt 2020

Interview Troy Donockley (Nightwish) by Sven Bröker

On February 21st, I (Sven Bröker) got the opportunity to listen to the upcoming Nightwish release “Human Nature” and talk to Troy Donockley (vocals, pipes) about all the things in Nightwish’s musical universe. After being told that the band members spent the last night at the hotel’s bar (with way too many whiskeys) I got asked to start off the interview with the questions, which in Troy’s opinion has been asked way to often: “So troy, tell me: how’s the new album?!”. After doing so and having a good laugh with everyone the real interview started…

04 jan 2016

Interview: Charlotte Wessels – Phantasma

Vragen: Irma Ploeger Antwoorden: Charlotte Wessels Foto: Sharik Derksen De eerste week van 2016 brengt al meteen wat moois, namelijk een interview met Charlotte Wessels! Buiten frontvrouw van Delain is ze ook lid van het recent opgestarte project Phantasma. Al eerder kon je een review lezen over het debuut album

01 nov 2015

Interview: Novelists bassist Nicolas Delestrade

Questions by Sharik “MCSharQ” Answers by Nicolas Delestrade (Novelists) Read the review of the new album here I heard the debut album a few days ago and it sounds amazingly strong for a first album. Thank you! Some questions about it and a short introduction may be needed for the

31 okt 2015

Interview: Anders Jacobsson – Draconian

Read the review of the new album here This weekend gothic doom metallers Draconian have released their new album Sovran. That meant it was time for a chat with lyricist and growler Anders Jacobsson. What followed was an inspiring talk about the album, the new singer Heike Langhans and basically,

10 jun 2015

Interview: Thomas Youngblood – Kamelot

Tekst by Gerianne Meijer About a month ago the symfonic power metal band Kamelot released their new album ‘Haven’. After having the pleasure of reviewing the new album I now had the honour of talking to founder and guitarist of the band Thomas Youngblood. What followed was a fast-paced talk