07 apr 2017

Review: Laura Macrì – Terra

The story starts almost three years ago when Laura Macrì releases her first single “Ancora una Volta”, the first track on her debut album “Terra”. This was the very first seed she planted and the video got over 30.000 views. Together with her touring with MaYaN she got a lot

20 sep 2014

Promo: Laura Macri – Viva la Vita

Here is the new video of  the amazing Laura Macri! Get her single now at Itunes

27 jun 2014

Promotion: Laura Macrì – Ancora una Volta

We won’t do this too often at www.mcsharq.nl but in this case i thought it was allowed! The amazing singer Laura Macrì, also singer from MaYaN, has released her first single. Ancora Una Volta is an amazing work of art, opera with a lot of power and orchestra. It sounds amazing!