SharQ Sessions #3 will release 12-01-2022

A brand new year, a brand new album. On the 12th of January a new album will hit the streamingservices with 7 new tracks. All recorded last year with some great (unknown) artists. It is amazing to see and hear what has been possible in the last few months. I hope you enjoy the album, check back next week for the links!

Listen to the full album at this songwhip link

SharQ Sessions #2 has been released!

It is time to for the second release of the SharQ Sessions collection. This time a brand new 8 track album with artists that have joined the SharQ Sessions lately. You can hear MADOUX, Antoinette, El Fatso, George Dylan, Notes for Breakfast, BMI Goes India and Dreamer on this record. Mix and Master for these tracks have done by me for the first time, except George Dylan (mixed by Peter Pijnenburg).

Enjoy it on all streamingservices or buy it on iTunes.

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SharQ Sessions #1 album out now!

Since 2018 I have been recording SharQ Sessions with (young) artists for this platform.
Supporting talent to give two free recordings in high quality video and audio so they can promote themself a bit better to the world.

The last two years I’ve been recorded over 65 videos with artists from around the globe. Now a few coming together on this first compilation album SharQ Sessions #1. 15 tracks that have been recording during these years including three brand new ones!

You can hear; Hireth, Pocket Knife Army, Celine van Veldhoven, Marcel Harteveld, Ismena Goossen, Bas Kokkelmans, Outside Revelation, Floortje Hover, Robbert Duijf, Maggie Dae, Ricardo & Fer, MALA, Little March and Ann My Guard on this album.

Mix and master is done by Bram van Rens (except Ismena’s track, it is done by Peter Pijnenberg). Video, artwork, pictures, promotion and production are done by myself (MCSharQ)Today, 12-01-2021, will mark the date for the release of Ann My Guard’s Echo too! So keep an eye out of the video later today.

SharQ Sessions #1 out now:
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