13 aug 2019

SharQ Talk #57: Crossfaith

Crossfaith has been around for a long time, but the steps they are making into Europe are for the most of us “new”. Putting their heart and soul into music and sending a lot of energy from the stage at a live show, the band is conquering the world fast! With a crossover mix between metal, hiphop, electronic music, drum ’n bass and other genres they break borders and just do what they love to do. It’s a different way of looking to the “metal” genre but it does work amazingly well. Touring with Of Mice & Men and Bleed from Within gives them a new step in the right direction. Tonight a sold out show in Tivoli de Helling, where I could speak with Kenta and Hiroki about the touring life, the differences between Japan and Europe and they plug a band called Paledusk.

01 aug 2018

Review: Crossfaith – Ex_Machina

Sorry voor het te laat komen op dit Japanse feestje! Maar Crossfaith komt vrijdag met een nieuwe plaat en sinds dat ze op mijn radar staan wachtte ik met smart op “Ex_Machina”, zo klinkt de titel van alweer hun vijfde studio album. De band tourde inmiddels al over de gehele