27 mei 2019

OneWerd – Cope the Sorrow (SharQ Sessions Live #8)

SharQ Sessions #8 has been live recorded at poppodium NIEUWE NOR Heerlen (NLD)

On Tuesday 9th of April it was time for SharQ Sessions Live #8 with OneWerd (USA), this is the second track that we have recorded with OneWerd.

This evening was all about HipHop, with headliner OneWerd from the San Francisco Bay Area and Brohlin Coumans from Roermond (NLD). The MC, Rapper, Spokenword Artist and podcaster has been making music since a young age but came into hiphop later in life. His fascination for words found it’s way out in several records and a lot of show. For the first time in The Netherlands he founds his way to hiphop city Heerlen.