SharQ Talk: Zsüd

SharQ Talk #85 has been live recorded on MSTeams.

My mailbox is filling itself everyday with a lot of promotional emails from different artists and compagnies. And sometimes and artists finds its way to the top of that list, in this case Zsüd. An artist from Budapest, Hungary.
She is a really DIY, bedroom, recording artist with her debut album Rewiring. She has released the album on the 19th of March, links below of course. I asked her to join me for a SharQ Talk about her creative and production process, so this talk is a deep dive in being a recording artist from home during the current times. Enjoy this 85th SharQ Talk.

Links to the pages:
Facebook Zsüd
YouTube Zsud
Zsüd’s Rewiring on Spotify
Zsüd’s Rewiring on iTunes

Rather listen to the podcast on Spotify or iTunes, click the link below;

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