29 okt 2020

SharQ Talk: Taskaha

SharQ Talk #77 has been recording via Anorak, a sort of online Skype.

So when you listen you might hear some small flaws, sorry for that.

Releasing your debut album during a pandemic, why not? 
If you are Taskaha there was no better time than now to release the self titled album. Working on it for four years, recording it early 2020, it had to be out there. The band from Norway is here to bring in something new and fresh to the progressive rock sound. A full-lenght album with some great twists, some jazz, some neo and some doom. It brings you into a world that is made on layers and give you a deep listen experience. It has been made from the live experience these bandmembers have, translated to a studio version and hopefully in the near future back to the live stage again.

Listen to a great podcast, but keep in mind, it has been recorded online with some small flaws, next time hope we can meet up for real!