23 okt 2020

SharQ Talk: Will Fairhead & The Gulls

So the venues in the Netherlands are limited to a new “max” capacity, 30 people. Which giving the bands and locations a new challenge to set up concerts and events. At Volt we are lucky that we can stay open and give (new) acts a place on this amazing stage. 

Looking for new acts my path crossed with Will Fairhead and the Gulls because of the drummer, Bob, he called me up and asked if he could play at our stage. Of course we are open for great ideas, especially in this day and age. They should have been our “seasonal opener” but with the new limits in the UK we couldn’t push that thru, so after a while we decided to try it once more. “The Impossible Tour pt.2” had begun, a wild road trip by the band going to mainland Europa with a sold out show in Sittard in front of them. This is the story of a band who needs to be on tour and finding out what is possible during these impossible times.

Have a great listen and if you want to look them up check out the pages below. It includes a livestream of the show in Volt!