SharQ Sessions

SharQ Sessions #1 2018-2020

YES, I’m ending the year with some great news.

I’ve been working on something for the last month and now I’m finally ready to announce it to you all.

Mark your calendars because on the 12th of January there will be a SharQ Sessions Album (#1). It is an album with some previous recorded songs and three new ones. Since 2018,

SharQ Sessions (Live) has been a platform for talents that should be heard. A place for session recordings so artists can have a great audio version of the songs they love. Sharing their music to the world without breaking the bank to get it out there.

SharQ Sessions #1 brings the artists you love closer to you.

The album will be available worldwide on the streaming service of your choice. And with this being said, here is the album cover…..

All remastered for the digital platforms thanks to Bram van Rens.

What songs do you hope will be on it?

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