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SharQ Sessions: MADOUX – Runner

Deze SharQ Session is opgenomen in Poppodium Volt te Sittard

SharQ Sessions zijn de verhalen van muzikanten verteld op locaties die voor hun dierbaar zijn.
Eigen werk, gespeeld op bijzondere plekken waar een verhaal achter zit.

Deze keer MADOUX – Runner

Runner is the debut single by Dutch indie artist MADOUX Insprired by Warhaus, RY X and Ane Brun, MADOUX started writing songs as a teenager. Coming from a tiny village in the south of the Netherlands she eventually took her bedroom demos to the big city and found her sound with German-born Amsterdam-based producer Benjamin Rheinlander ( Celine Cairo, Dave Buddha) The two diligently crafted the intriguing MADOUX sound and collaborated on a series of tracks which ‘Runner’ is the first to be released on the new Amsterdam-based boutique label Ivy Records.

In ‘Runner’ MADOUX talks about seeing a change in oneself when you find yourself lost in a toxic relationship. Turning into somebody completely unknown to yourself, you start doing things you’d never thought you’d do. MADOUX lays bare the delicate struggle of finding your way back to yourself within the noise of somebody else’s beliefs, behavior and actions

Why Poppodium Volt Sittard
To me Volt feels like a great place and kind of a safe haven to make music. We played at Volt long before and after quite some time without gigs I couldn’t wait to actually stand on a stage again. Sharik and I thought it would be fun to go for two completely different settings within Volt. Runner is a rather dark and dramatic song which we did on stage with a darkened and shadowy background. Sorry is a song that’s more acoustic and based on organic elements, so here we chose to record it in a lighter setting, with merely natural light behind the great windows of Volt’s hallways.

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SharQ Sessions #1 out now!
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