SharQ Talk: Dirty Sound Magnet

SharQ Talk #91 has been live recorded in De Pul Uden.

It has been awhile but when Dirty Sound Magnet invited me to come over for a talk and session recording I could not resist.

So on the 16th of October I have travelled to Uden for a really nice afternoon with these amazing guys from Switzerland.
Over the last 15 years the band have been playing around the globe, their Psychedelic rock music found its way into many different clubs, music venues and festivals. It has been a difficult to put the band into a genre that fully tells you what they are about. But the best advise is, go listen to it. Live or on record.
Today, this weekend, they are on a short tour. 4 gigs in 4 days in 2 countries. But they will be back in the beginning of next year for their new release. But these shows are still about the latest live album.
Since the pandemic put all bands of the schedule it also counts for the Dirty Sound Magnet.
We talk about who they are, whats up today and what about tomorrow. A short talk but a really great one.

Check out the socials for the upcoming SharQ Sessions releases and the socials of the band of all the tour dates and upcoming release in March

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