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SharQ Talk Sessions #29: An Introduction to Charlie Hole

SharQ Talk Sessions #29 has been live recorded at the ECI Cultuurfabriek Roermond.

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On Tuesday November 13th we had organized the third SharQ Sessions Live. With this new element of a bigger concept the last few months we already have put up some shows. Next to SharQ Talk and Live in Limburg it’s the third new element of MCSharQ.nl

For this third SharQ Sessions Live we invited Charlie Hole (UK) for a show in the ECI Cultuurfabriek Roermond. He travelled thru Holland a couple of times now but never came over to the south. So it was time for him to get in front of a southern crowd. Charlie is a sing and songwriter from Bournemouth (UK) has released a few singles already, played amazing shows in different Sofar Sounds cities and is ready for 2019 to threat him right with a new album coming up. Already kickin’-ass for over eleven years and he is only 25 now! His talent has to be heard so if you were at the show you could, if you weren’t don’t worry, soon there will be two sessions videos online so keep an eye out for them!

Below you can check the podcast in video as well, or go over to YouTube or Facebook to see and hear it.

SharQ Sessions Live is all about the artist, an artist that didn’t play in Limburg before or artist from the province Limburg that most of the time don’t play outside their own region. The goal is to get an interaction started so artist will preform again in different locations. If you want to attend a SharQ Sessions Live it will be for free, each month we go to a different location and city, so everyone can enjoy a show in their own neighbourhood. Payed gigs are rare for young upcoming talent, so that’s why we pay them for the show. Do you want to support us with doing these shows, go over to www.patreon.com/mcsharq and make with a little donation a lot possible!

Not only you can see the acts live for free but also we record an introduction podcast with the artist, you can find those right here or in your favorite podcast app. And also we record two songs in a sessions setup for and with them, these will be released later on our socials as well. YouTube, Facebook and Instagram TV.

Did you enjoy the podcast, please leave a comment and a rating behind in your favorite podcast app, below this artical or YouTube/Facebook.

SharQ Talk is part of MCSharQ.nl

Intromusic by: Bram van Rens
Logo by: Lars Ickenroth
Poster by: Stephany Concorso

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